Workplace Licence – A Prior Authorization that Simplifies
Last updated: 05/07/2018

A licence from Bonus Copyright Access enables employees to copy and disseminate copyright protected material for internal information within the organization and for internal training.

Organizations covered by the license

The licence is intended for all types of organizations in Sweden:
  • Enterprises
  • Authorities
  • Associations
  • Other organizations

Copy and share for internal information

The licence allows employees of the business to copy and disseminate copyright protected material for internal information.
The licence also covers copying and dissemination for internal training arranged by the licensee.

Copy and share Swedish and non-Swedish works

The licence allows employees to copy and share copyright protected material from Swedish and non-Swedish literary works, works of art and photographs, and compilations such as catalogues, tables and other similar works that have been made public, e.g. from books, scientific articles, newspapers, digital publications, websites and more.
Employees are entitled to make copies and share digitally and analogue by:
  • Downloading
  • Printing out
  • Scanning
  • Photocopying
  • Reproducing for slide presentation, e.g. PowerPoint
  • Saving copies in digital form, e.g. on the organization's closed network, on USB
  • Transferring digital copies, e.g. by email or via the organization’s closed network
  • Projecting and displaying on screen
  • Distributing photocopies and printouts within the organization
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Bonus Copyright Access mission
Authors, publishers and editors in the field of text and image based works have mandated Bonus Copyright Access to license organizations to copy and share copyright protected material.
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