Grants from the Lars Salvius Society
Last updated: 09/02/2019

Who can apply for grants?

Grants are awarded for work already completed and assigned to physical persons who have a significant written production, mainly of a scientific nature, and whose works have been used, preferably copied, at universities and higher Education Institutions. Grants are announced every spring with the final application date 30 September, and awards will be made later during fall. The grants are currently 30,000 kronor.
If works have been written together with others counts - as in the bibliometrics – authors’ shares. A work with five authors thus corresponds to 0.2 publications.
Works where the author declined his or her economic rights, such as when the work is made available under open access or creative commons, falls outside the grant assessment.
Grants can be obtained several times, but at least five years apart and subsequent times only for works published since the applicant received the grant last.
Compensation for teaching materials can be sought in other instances and does not affect these grants.
The fact that an applicant within two years received another grant based on copying reduces the priority of the application.


You are welcome to apply for the project grant. Writers and publishers who are not members of Lars Salvius' founder organizations are also entitled to apply.
Submit your application to Bonus Copyright Access no later than September 30, 2019.


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