Grants from the Lars Salvius Society
Last updated: Mar 26

Who can apply for grants?

The Lars Salvius Society announces grants for science and popular science writers, translators and publishers, whose works have been used, i.e. copied, at universities and other institutes of higher education.
Grants are preferably awarded to persons who have a substantial written production, mainly of a scientific nature.

Grants of SEK 30 000

The grant is obtained for already completed efforts and are assigned natural persons. The amount of the grant is SEK 30 000. The grant is tax-free to the recipient.
A grant can be applied for several times. The jury then attaches primary importance to works that have been published since the applicant received the grant last time.
Remuneration for copying of teaching materials can be applied for in other instances and is handled in a different way. Any such compensation will not affect the possibility of obtaining these grants.


You are welcome to apply for the project grant. Writers and publishers who are not members of Lars Salvius' founder organizations are also entitled to apply.
Submit your application to Bonus Copyright Access no later than September 30, 2017.


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