Last updated: 10/21/2015

Anyone may quote from a work that has been made public. The quotation must be made in accordance with proper usage and to the extent necessary for the purpose.

Permitted extent

A quotation must reproduce the original text exactly and be highlighted by means of quotation marks. The permitted extent of the quotation is depending on in what context the quotation is made. There is no quantitative restriction imposed by the law.

"Quote" from fine arts

It is not permitted to quote from artistic works, pictures or photographs. Publicly displayed works of fine art may however be reproduced in connection with the text in a scientific presentation which has not been prepared for commercial purposes or in connection with the text in a critical presentation, except if it is in digital form.
A work of fine art can be included in a critical presentation, e.g. a student paper, on the condition that it is published in printed form and that the quotation is necessary to emphasize a point of view.
Article 22 and 23 (Quotation / Use of Work of Fine Arts)