Copying for Private Purposes
Last updated: 10/21/2015

One or a few copies

The provision on copying for private purposes allows anyone to make one or a few copies of a work that have been made available to the public, for himself or herself, for the family and for his or her friends. This does not, however, apply to computer programs (though special provisions apply to back-up copies) nor does it apply to the copying of compilations (databases) in digital form.

Legal master copy

The master copy that is used must be legal, i.e. it must not be a pirated copy or a copy of a work that has been posted on the internet without permission.
In certain cases it is not permitted to have someone else do the copying. It is not permissible for example, to engage another person to make copies of musical works or films.

Copying of books

As regards private copying of literary works in written form, it is not permitted to copy entire books. It is however still permitted to copy limited parts for private purposes, for instance, some chapters, or literary works of limited scope, such as song texts, poems, short stories etc.
Article 12 (Private Copying)