Copy and share more or in any other way
Last updated: 10/22/2015

If you want to reproduce or share more or in any other way than is covered by the licence permission is required from those who own the copyright to the material.

Obtain permission from all rights holders

To reproduce and share more or in other ways than is permissible under the licence requires permission from all rights holders concerned.
A rights holder is everyone who owns rights to the material. For a book, it may be a matter of getting permission from one or more author, translator, publisher, visual creator and others – they are all rights holders to the book.

If the publication is out of print

You are not allowed to reproduce without permission because a particular edition no longer is commercially available or no longer is issued.
In that case, you need permission from the author and/or the publisher before any reproduction can be made, otherwise one runs the risk making a copyright infringement.
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