Copy and Share More or in Any Other Way
Last updated: 02/01/2018

If you want to reproduce or share more or in other way than is covered by the School Reproduction Agreement, permission is needed from those who own the copyright to the material.

Apply for permission from all rights holders

To reproduce and share more or in other way than the agreement allows requires permission from all rights holders concerned.
It is not allowed to copy protected works without permission only because a certain author or right holder cannot be reached or identified.
It may be a matter of getting permission from one or more authors, translators, publishers, visual creators or others.
To speed up the request, you could use this application form.

What if the publication is out-of-print?

Even if an edition is no longer commercially available or issued, you are not allowed to reproduce without permission from the rights holders.

What if I can not locate the copyright owner?

Copyright work is someone's property and should not be used without the consent of the owner. If you use work without permission, and the copyright owner does appear they may wish to take action against you for infringement and you may be required to pay damages for any lost royalties and legal costs.
Copying Rules