The Lars Salvius Society
Last updated: 08/22/2019

The Lars Salvius society annually distributes project grants and grants to authors and publishers. The society also shares an annual award to someone or someone who has made particularly worthwhile efforts in research communication and popular science.


Every year a large number of pages are copied from Swedish and foreign works at Swedish higher Education Institutions. For this, remuneration is paid according to the so called HEI Agreement. The money are collected and managed by Bonus Copyright Access - an economic association whose members are organizations representing authors and publishers.
A minor proportion of the remuneration refers to copying from scientific journals and other material that is particularly sensitive to copying. The remuneration is jointly managed by the Swedish Authors' Association, The Swedish Publishers´ Association and The Swedish Magazine Publishers Association. In 1991, the three organizations formed the Lars Salvius Society, which is responsible for allocating remuneration in the form of grants, project grants and an annual price. Authors and publishers who are not members of the founding organizations have the same right as members to apply for and receive grants and project grants from the association, and to be designated as recipients of the annual award.

Lars Salvius

The society is named after Lars Salvius, who was a generic, language-inspired and innovative publisher of the 1800s. He modernized Swedish spelling and grammar, wrote a geography book about Uppland and published a scientific weekly magazine - Learned newspapers. He also released scientific works, something that other publishers thought unprofitable, and understood to make this publishing sector profitable. He was the publisher of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Lars Salvius also made sure that the sound conditions for book publishers, and he created Sweden's first universal bookshop and established the first loan library.

The Lars Salvius Board

The board of the Lars Salvius Society consists of four members and four deputy members. An expert jury appointed by the board distributes grants, project grants and the Lars Salvius Prize. The jury consists of five fictional and scientifically well acquainted persons, who may be jury members for a maximum of five years.
The Lars Salvius Society´ Board of Directors for 2019/20 includes Allan Klynne (chairman), author and Ph D of ancient culture and social life, Kristina Ahlinder, CEO of the Swedish Publishers Association, Björn Fjæstad, editor of the magazine Sans and former adj. Professor of Research Communication, and Lena Johannesson, Writer and Professor Emeritus in Art History and Visual Studies, University of Gothenburg.
The Lars Salvius Society's jury for 2019 includes Alexandra Borg (chairman), University Lecturer at the Faculty of Literature, Uppsala University, Anders Bergman, publisher at Natur & Kultur, PH D Göran Blomqvist, honored CEO at Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Gunn Johansson, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University and Cecilia Odlind Editorial Director Medical Science, Medical Journalist at Karolinska Institutet.
The jury shall treat the members and non-members of the founding organizations in the choice of fellows, project grants and annual fees, as the copy fee is collected by virtue of extended collective licence provisions in the Copyright Act. The effect of an extended collective license is that not only the members' works are covered by the agreement, but also the work of rightholders who are not members of the negotiating organizations; rightholders also referred to as “outsiders”. Outside rightholders, therefore, have the same right to remuneration as those who are members of the organizations.


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