The Lars Salvius Prize 2019
Last updated: 12/04/2018

The annual Lars Salvius Prize, SEK 100.000, is given to one or several natural persons or legal entities that have made significant and outstanding contributions in science and popular science communication, scientific research or journalism.

Svenska Dagbladets Under strecket was awarded the 2019 year's Prize

The 2019 Lars Salvius Prize, 100.000 SEK, was awarded to Svenska Dagbladets Under strecket.
The award was announced at a ceremony at Skissernas museum in Lund, on the 22nd of November 2018

The Lars Salvius Society's jury

A jury consisting of five persons selects the prize winner. The jury's decision is confidential until the time of the awards ceremony. Everyone has the opportunity to propose candidates for the prize.

The Lars Salvius Society's jury for 2018 consisted of Torbjörn Santérus (Chairman), publisher Santérus Förlag, Alexandra Borg, FD Researcher, Department of Literature Uppsala University, Sven Ove Hansson, Professor in Philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Henrik Höjer, Science Journalist and Editor at the magazine Forskning & Framsteg, Gunn Johansson professor emerita Department of Psychology Stockholm University.
The 2019 Lars Salvius Prize was awarded to Svenska Dagbladets Under strecket. Ludvig Hertzberg accepted the award.

Photo - Alexandra Borg