Copy and Share Protected Material within Independent Schools
Last updated: 09/04/2018

Bonus Copyright Access and the Swedish Association of Independent Schools has an agreement under which independent schools sign agreements on the same terms and conditions as the public schools.

Copy and share copyright protected material for educational purposes

The independent schools (schools that are run by a legal entity or natural person) sign agreements themselves with Bonus Copyright Access on the same terms and conditions that apply to public schools.
Teachers and pupils may copy and share
The agreement allows teachers and pupils to copy and share copyright protected material from Swedish and non-Swedish pictures, text and musical notation that have been made public, e.g. from books, teaching materials, the press, digital publications, websites etc.
Teachers and pupils are entitled to reproduce works digitally and analogue by:
  • Downloading
  • Print out
  • Scanning
  • Photocopying
  • Reproducing for slide presentation for educational purposes, e.g. PowerPoint
  • Saving copies in digital form, e.g. on the school's closed network, on USB
  • Transferring digital copies, e.g. by email or via the school's closed network
  • Making mailings within a teaching group
  • Projecting and displaying on screen
  • Distributing photocopies and printouts

Education Covered by the Agreement

For those independent schools that have entered into a Reproduction Agreement with Bonus Copyright Access, the agreement applies to teachers and pupils in their teaching/learning in:
  • Pre-school
  • Pre-school class
  • Compulsory school
  • Upper secondary school
  • Special school for pupils with learning disabilities
  • Arts and Culture courses
  • Higher Vocational Education