Last updated: 08/18/2017

Remuneration collected by Bonus Copyright Access is distributed to copyright holders. Remuneration is paid not only to Swedish rightholders but also to representatives of authors, editors and publishers in other countries.

Distribution abroad

By Bonus Copyright Access’s reciprocal agreements with foreign counterparts around the world, remuneration is distributed abroad to compensate for the copying of foreign works that takes place in Sweden. Similarly, Bonus Copyright Access receives payment from foreign counterparts for onward distribution to Swedish copyright holders for the copying of Swedish works that takes place abroad.

Recipient organization

Payments to authors, publishers and editors are made via Bonus Copyright Access’s member organizations. The remuneration reaches the rightholders in many different ways. Some organizations award grants, other compensates rightholders individually, some organizations allocates remuneration for financing legal counseling and education, etc. According to the Swedish Copyright Act, the organizations have to treat members and non-members equal.
There are some important guarantees for outsiders. Non-represented rightholders have a right to individual remuneration on the basis of the law and non-represented rightholders have also a possibility of prohibiting the use of their works.

Statistical surveys

The compensation is distributed on the basis of statistical surveys. To find out what and how much is copied Bonus Copyright Access commissions the market research company TNS Sifo to carry out surveys.

Copying volume, categories of works, etc

The surveys provide an idea of copying behavior and what type of the master copy and works category that has been copied. For example, if it is copied from textbooks, newspapers, magazines, fiction, poetry, music, etc. The surveys also show the origin country of the master and what kind of technology that has been used for copying.

Division of remuneration among rightholders

The part of the surveys that show what has been copied form the basis for the division between the member organizations.
The survey shows for example that song lyrics is copied relatively little in the workplace category while newspapers, magazines and textbooks are copied to a large extent in the school world. Therefore, rightholders active in the latter category receive greater compensation.

Distribution of remuneration to Swedish rightholders

Within Bonus Copyright Access, there are five distribution groups representing the categories of reproduction: books, teaching materials, press, music, and pictorial. Each member of the Bonus Copyright Access belongs to one of the five administrative groups. The remuneration is distributed from the board of Bonus Copyright Access to the different member organizations through the distribution groups.
Unanimous decisions shall be taken within each distribution group concerning the final distribution of money at the group’s deposition to the organization which is represented in the group. The organizations are thereafter free to decide on the final use of the remuneration. However, according to the Swedish Copyright Act, the organizations have to treat members and non-members equal.

Distribution of remuneration to foreign rightholders

Before the remuneration is distributed to Bonus Copyright Access's five distribution groups the foreign rightholders' share is separated. Revenue received for copying foreign works is distributed to sister organizations abroad in accordance with reciprocal agreements. In the absence of an agreement with a country, the payment is set aside on a separate bank account until an agreement has been signed.
About 80 percent of the foreign rightholders' remunerations is distributed. Less than 20 percent is deposited on account while waiting for reciprocal agreements to be signed. The remaining 0,7 percent refers to countries that have either not made any demands or that relates to unidentified country of publication or unidentified residence of the right holder.

Administrative costs and deductions

Bonus Copyright Access is non-profit-making, all the money Bonus Copyright Access collect in licence fees is distributed to the members after a deduction for administrative costs. The administration cost has over the years been very low, both in a national and in an international perspective. In 2014, Bonus Copyright Access's administrative overhead ratio was 5,8 %.