Bilateral Agreements
Last updated: 02/05/2016

Remuneration collected by Bonus Copyright Access is distributed not only to Swedish rights holders but also to representatives of authors, publishers and editors in other countries.

Distribution abroad

By Bonus Copyright Access’s reciprocal agreements with foreign counterparts around the world, remuneration is distributed abroad to compensate for the copying of foreign works that takes place in Sweden. Similarly, Bonus Copyright Access receives payment from foreign counterparts for onward distribution to Swedish copyright holders for the copying of Swedish works that takes place abroad.

Our bilateral agreements

Bonus Copyright Access has bilateral agreements with the following organizations:
A number of foreign picture organizations, ARS, GAG and VAGA in the USA, DACS in the United Kingdom and VG Bild-Kunst in Germany, have mandated the Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden (Bildupphovsrätt) to receive remuneration for further payment. Bonus Copyright Access has therefore reached an agreement with BUS on further payment of such remuneration.
Remuneration to ARS, GAG and VAGA concerns U.S. images excluding photographs. The latter is covered by the agreement with CCC.
IFRRO works to increase on an international basis the lawful use of text and image based copyright works.
Read more about the international work on copyright related issues in the text and image based sector.