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Last updated: 06/30/2015

A licence from Bonus Copyright Access enables employees to copy and disseminate copyright protected material for internal information within the organization and for internal training.

Copy and share legaly with a licence from Bonus Copyright Access

The licence allows employees to copy and disseminate literary works, works of fine arts and photographs, and compilations such as catalogues, tables and other similar Swedish and non-Swedish works, e.g. from books, scientific articles, newspapers, digital publications, websites and more.
The licence also covers copying and dissemination for internal training arranged by the licencee.

Bonus Copyright Access´ Workplace Licence simplifies

Without a licence from Bonus Copyright Access individual permissions are required before every and each copying and sharing of protected material. Thereto comes price negotiations for every single use.

Benefits of the licence

  • The user signs the agreement with one counterpart – Bonus Copyright Access
  • The licence gives employees the right to copy both Swedish and foreign works
  • The licence allows you to copy and share as the need arises – the individual rights holders permission is not needed to be awaited
  • The licence cost is predictable

When a licence is not signed with Bonus Copyright Access

  • Permissions are to be required from the individual rights holders
  • Individual permission is required before each use and from every rights holder
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